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14 June 17 - How to Create a Fabulous Princess Party

Dress like a Princess

Girls and some boys too, love to dress up so why not add fancy dress to your party. So as not to exclude the boys the theme could be; Princes and Princesses or Princesses and Knights.

Princess Bouncy Castle and Princess Carriage Soft Play

No party would be complete without our vibrant Princess Bouncy Castle to bounce the night away on. Let your children burn off some of their never ending energy.

Have some variety in your party by adding our princess carriage. Every Prince and Princess needs a carriage, so why not use your imaginations to ride around on our Princess Carriage?

Up Up and Away

Before attempting this it might be advisable to check out some tutorials on YouTube first. Blow up several pink balloons, when you have enough tie the balloons to each other In the shape of a tower.

When you have finished repeat the same steps again and woe behold you have two turrets that you can stand outside to greet people as they walk through to your party. Don’t forget to use purple card to turn into hats, these go on top of the turrets.

Find your Creative Inner Self

Here are a few ideas on how to be creative with food.

Sandwiches – you can buy a sandwich or cookie cutter in the shape of a crown, add ham or a filling of your choice and then use the cutter to cut out the shape. Amazon stocks a great variety of party boxes too.

Pumpkins – Who ever knew that Satsumas could be secretly disguised as Pumpkins? Add something green like celery to be placed on top of the orange to make it look like the stalk.

Plaits – Bake some bread and mould into plaits or use something like cheese straws, so that you can recreate famous Princess locks.


Add some craft activities towards the end as a way to wind down the party. Ideas include pre cutting some crowns onto different coloured cardboard for the children to decorate; provide glue, glitter and sequins for them to go wild with their imaginations.

Baker Ross have a great selection of other activities at reasonable prices; such as bird boxes, memory boxes and many more.

Party bags

Instead of a having to make up a party bag with a few generic items; why not give each person their own personalised bubble wand? Simple and hassle free as these normally come pre filled, create your own tag with their name on it to identify who is who’s.

Alternatively why not buy chocolate bars and re wrap them in printable princess paper. These can be easily downloaded from the internet and printed off.

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