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31 May 17 - How To Throw An Awesome Pirate Themed Party

Is your child a big fan of pirates? Here are our ideas on how you can go all out on a pirate themed birthday party.

Message in a bottle pirate Invites

This simple message in a bottle invitation is a creative way to invite your friends and it is very easy to make. Print or write out your invitation on a small blank piece of paper, you can even add some pirate speak words if you like; such as “Ahoy there me heartey’s ye is invited to a gathering of ye pirates.” When you have finished simply roll up the invites and put carefully inside the bottles. Screw the lids on and hand out your unique invitation to your guests.

Dressing up

Children often love dressing up, especially for a party. Don’t forget to let the parents know that it is optional fancy dress though. You could even ask the parents to attend in fancy dress too!

Pirate Food

Lay on a feast fit for growing pirates! Make one long table and set it up using pirate themed plate and cups.

Produce piratey food such as dead man fingers which look easy to make. Sausages, flags and cocktail sausages; add the flag to the cocktail stick and then add the stick to the sausage.

Hot dogs in a roll are usually a popular and safe choice among children, add a stick in the hot dog and create your own sail using paper. These will then look like pirate boats.

Fruit swords – a square bit of pineapple on a stick, then add a couple of grapes; followed by blueberries. Healthy food with a fruit twist.

Pirate Bouncy Castle and Pirate Soft Play

Of course you will need some things to entertain the children and help them burn off some steam. Our pirate bouncy castle will go down very well with this theme, as well as our Pirate Soft play. Add on our popular Didi cars for them to navigate across the water and get safely to land.

We currently have a Pirate ball pool on its way.

Pirate Games

Take a break during the middle of the party and play a few party games. Place various objects around the venue and create clues for the children to unravel and find the clues.

If they are younger, fill a bucket or something similar with sand and hide a few toys. Add a sign that says “dig for treasure.”

Pirate Party Bag

Make cool party bags by sourcing hessian bags to put a few little items in such as chocolate coins, eye patch and other items. Using a black marker pen draw the lines of a map and add a red X foam shape for X marks the spot.

ION House Party Speaker

Did you know that this speaker has built in Bluetooth, simply connect your phone to the speaker, Youtube Pirate of the Carribean and there you have it; Pirate themed music for when your guests walk in setting a fantastic atmosphere for your party.

Have Fun

Last but not least enjoy the party!

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